Releasing Anger and Resentment using Emotional Freedom Technique

Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear and more) are low vibrational energies. We accumulate these energies in our body since our birth. These bad energies are responsible for our problems in life and blocks our further success. Like all living systems, your body is a unified collection of energy fields. If you alter the quality of these fields then you can change the way the way your body functions and your life also.

This is what energy tapping does – you tap on a selection of acupoints which activates the meridians. As you are tapping you focus on the emotion you are wanting to release. You need to feel this emotion, expand it, make it larger than it is, then while tapping you will feel the emotion decrease. It may not happen instantly. Rather like when you cut yourself, a message is sent to the brain and the brain sends white corpuscles to heal and protect the wound. So tapping also sends a message to the brain so therefore there is a delay to the tapping being accepted.

While you are tapping some other thought or aspect may pop up which you may need to tap on later. Take note of the thought – it is important.

Tapping is like an onion. There may be many layers to your original emotion. Tapping on each aspect will totally clear the pain.

To release Anger and resentment I am placing links to some tapping scripts for you that I know work.

Brad Yates is well known tapper especially in America. He is a bit zany but great.

Brad Yates releasing anger.

Brad Yates Releasing Anger – quickie

Brad Yates – Rage

Brad Yates clearing resentment

The Tapping Solution – Nick Ortner From Anger to Peace. Love it

Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution. Here is an article on Resentment plus a free tapping script to listen to

Have a read of this article

I hope you find these useful. Any questions please contact me.

As usual you must take responsibility for your own health.

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