Releasing Anger and/or Resentment.

Heal Thyself


The holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity of all things and the utter uniqueness of every system contained within it.

Mechthild Scheffer – Bach Flower Therapy

If this uniqueness is marred by excess emotional activity, energy imbalances, blockages, bodily symptoms can occur. If left and become prolonged, diseases and mental disturbances will occur.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each of our organs are linked to an emotion. In the case of anger and resentment it is linked to the Liver.

‘The liver is easily upset by anger, frustration and resentment causing symptoms such as depression, moodiness, melancholy, poor or blurred vision, violent emotional outbursts, dizziness and more.’ (learnt from the

The Liver Meridian

The Liver Meridian starts at the inside of the toenail of the foot and runs up the inside of the leg to the chest.

We can balance the Liver Meridian just by simply tracing its path with your fingers from Liver 1 at the inside base of your big toe, move up the foot passing over points 2 and 3 on the top of the foot with acupoint 4 at the base of the ankle. Trace on up the leg alongside the shin bone to points 7,8,and 9 which pass up the inside of the knee, up the upper thigh, over the stomach area to Liver 13 and to finish on Liver point 14. This point may be sensitive. this meridian runs up both sides of the body so you can either do both at the same time or individually.

Results won’t be instant, you will notice a difference after awhile. Repeat as necessary.

You must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to heal yourself. This is passed on from my own experiences.

To clear the Liver Meridian trace backwards (from point 14 down to 1) 3 times.

More info on this topic from The Natural Health zone

Liver 3 is very good at calming but not so easy to get to in a hurry.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is liver3.jpg
Liver 3

If your blood is boiling with anger and you want a quick fix try this Japanese method of calming anger. Grasp the middle finger of the hand with the fingers of the opposite hand. Hold with pressure but not enough to feel a pulse. Do this for 1 – 2 minutes. Calmness will prevail.

You can do this treatment with all five fingers to gain calmness from anxiety, fear, and worry. I personally use this for fear of any form of travelling I have to do. Again it is not instant but it works.

ThumbWorryLinked toStomachSpleen
Index fingerFearLinked toKidneys Bladder
Middle fingerAngerLinked toLiver Gallbladder
Ring fingerSadnessLinked toLungsColon
Little fingerWorryLinked toHeartSmall Intestine

As you will notice on the Youtube video below it says Self respect for the little finger which is fine but work from the table above. Thank You Bright Side. This video also mentions pressing the center of the palm. To find the right area clench your hand, the acupoint pericardium 8 is under your middle finger.

Press here.

click on the link below for Brightsides Youtube video on The Japenese method.

Releasing anger and resentment coming up.

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