All these thoughts

Over thinking drives me nuts especially at three in the morning. Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary ‘to think about something too much, in a way that is not useful.’ So true. We all do this – overthink. It is down to our little friend the Amygdala. It sits there working hard at keeping us safe. It sends out thoughts and ideas until we are overwhelmed by them causing anxiety. I am not a medical person so have found this link for you to find out more about the amygdala and anxiety. It is a bit medical but interesting. Go for it

There is also a very good book by Prof. Steve Peters The Chimp Paradox. Very helpful in understanding why you get so wound up by overthinking. For myself I think overthinking it is the base line of many anxious feelings.

I have also got a tapping sequence for when your little friend is winding you up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Hope it works for you. You must take full responsibility for your own well being if you choose to use tapping.

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To Calm The Thoughts

Using the Karate Chop, tapping on side of hand

Even though my amygdala is working so hard to help me – I truly love and accept myself.

Even though my amygdala is sending out so many thoughts, so many ideas – I truly love and accept myself.

Even though my amygdala is trying so hard to save me – I truly love and accept myself.

EB – All these thoughts

SE – So many thoughts

UE – All these emotions

UN – Flashing through my mind

UM – Popping out from nowhere

CB – Again and again and again

UA – Going round in circles

TOH – Never stopping

EB – These thoughts give me a headache

SE – They  keep me awake

UE – All these thoughts

UN – It is time to rest

UM – Thank you amygdala but I need to rest

CB – I need to let the thoughts go

UA – Let them go

TOH – I need to rest

EB –  You are safe

SE – I am safe

UE – We are safe

UN – It’s time to rest

UM – Time to let the thoughts go

CB –  Let all the thoughts go

UA – Letting them go

TOH – Rest – rest – rest

As well as using EFT for dealing with negative emotions and self healing there is also ACUPRESSURE.

Acupressure is related to Acupuncture but uses the fingertips instead of needles. Both stimulate the meridians (body energy flow) at certain points around the body called acupoints. The techniques do date back thousands of years and are used in traditional Chinese Medicine. The acupoints are found all over the body, close to the surface of the skin. Each point works on their own individual organ or body systems i.e lungs. So when you press or massage a certain point this stimulates the meridian to respond to change the emotional or physical state.

(Inspired by Acupressure: Simple Steps to Health by Jacqueline Young.

A great book for learning the art of self healing.)

So below are a few acupoints to calm the mind to work with EFT

This information is given to you freely but you must take responsibility for your own health. If in doubt ask a medical practitioner.

Pictures originate from http://www.AcupunctureProducts.com

As well as Tapping and Acupressure there is a Bach Flower remedy that calms the never ending thoughts allowing a little bit of peace. White Chestnut is the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us relaxing. Use White Chestnut for worrying, repetitive thoughts. Place a few drops in a glass of water and sip continuously throughout the day and soon the thoughts will be quietly calmer. Holland and Barrett stock it http://www.hollandandbarrett.com or try online at http://www.bachcentre.com or http://www.baldwins.co.uk

Any questions please email chilton.sally@yahoo.com

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