Feeling Low! Updated

I have been feeling really down just recently, well actually since March 29th 2021. Easing of lockdown. I should have been happy but instead I felt threatened, low and sad. All those people gathering, so close, so uncaring.

I hate to admit it but the lifestyle of lockdown suited my anxieties completely. I had a reason now to stay in my comfort zone, no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. Now the pressure is on and my inside is full of some emotion, fear, sadness, frustration, I’m not sure.

I do know that actually I am bored. What is boredom? Boredom is an emotion or signal that lets you know that you are doing something that doesn’t give you satisfaction. Boredom could tell you two things: that you are not fully present and engaged in your current task or that your task is not meaningful to you.

Brad Yates to tap away Boredom. Just follow him tapping the points.

After researching boredom all that is clear is you have to help yourself. For example I have so much going on like Ebay, Tapping4u.org, Facebook Tapping4u, card making, course work and even proofreading. I am flitting from one to the other and not actually really achieving, not focusing on any of the tasks in hand. There is probably a syndrome for this sort of behaviour to go with all my others. All this isn’t helping my confidence. If I can’t help myself how can I help others. Action required.

You may have lots of tips in your toolbox to help with moods, anxieties and fears but the crazy thing is we forget them. Perversely we put off helping ourselves, we procrastinate over every action, we become Apathetic. Click buttons below –

My plan of action is firstly use the gentle healing power of Bach Flower Remedies :-

Wild rose for apathy, lack of interest and ambition.

Olive for feeling deep inner tiredness.

Mustard for melancholia.

Larch for lack of self confidence, feeling inferior, imposter syndrome.

And finally Honeysuckle for letting go of the past.

Wild Rose

Put a few drops of each in a glass of water and sip throughout the day. The release from the emotion is not instant but the skies will become bluer and brighter when you least expect it.

It must be working because I have kicked started Ebay and had a sale, and here I am writing a post.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full reponsibility for you own health.

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