How To Become Calm, Confident and in Control.

Welcome to Tapping 4 U. Here you can flick through to find information on all forms of anxiety, phobias and syndromes also very importantly ways of healing your body to find release.

About Me

Sally Chilton

I have suffered with varying types of anxiety for most of my life. After years of investing time and energy into discovering the most effective ways and means of helping myself, I’ve been able to create a tool box of resources to help.

Anxiety can be crippling, depressing and disheartening, so I am hopeful that the components that have helped me can help you too. These include Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and probably most effective, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Having qualified as a therapist in these fields, it is really important to me to share as much as possible with you so you can learn for yourself the benefits of all of these. 

Tapping 4 U is here to give you hints and tips on how to build up your own toolbox to handle your anxieties, worries and most importantly help you regain your confidence. 

My Dream

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Blogs and Scripts

Who would have Thought a Smile Could Do So Much.

Re vamped a post from Feb 22. January is just finishing with February following fast. They are two of the most longest, miserable months of the year. I checked out this blog from a year ago and felt it was very applicable to where we are at at the moment. It tells us how smiling…

I have This Really Old Hurt – Brad Yates

Because I have been on the topic of stored emotions I contacted Brad Yates in America asking permission to share this tapping script with you and he said yes. It comes from his book THE EFT WIZARDS BIG BOOK OF TAPPING SCRIPTS. 101 life enhancing, fear smashing, mind/body healing, abundance-attracting and joy inspiring rounds of…

Dealing with Grief, Shock and Sadness

Image from Dreamstime.com It is just over week since the awful incident with the dog. The chart above shows exactly what we have all been going through, hopefully we are all starting on the upward climb. Because of the topic I have been working with recently, emotions in the body, I think my emotions are…

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